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Ark Fish Restaurant

Ark is a family run restaurant that offers an extensive fish and shellfish menu as well as our famous traditional fish and chips.

We have been in the traditional fish and chips business for 31 years, passed on from father to son. 

In 1988 we started a small Fish & Chips shop in Shepherd's Bush and after putting our heart and soul in to the business we quickly became local favourites.

As time passed we had a huge customer base from all around London and in 1995 we opened our second branch in White City.

After successful years and the support of our customers we decided to open a traditional fish and chips restaurant that catered to 100 seats with an extensive fish and shellfish menu.

In 2017 as a family we decided that we all needed a well earned rest so we sold-off our businesses. 

After seeing the Ark Fish Restaurant old memories came back to us and we fell in love with it, we bought it in October 2019.


We gave it a nice refurbishment to have that cosy, inviting feel, which we successfully implemented and we are now the proud owners of the Ark Fish Restaurant.

We hope that all of our customers will enjoy and have a great time at our restaurant as we will put our heart and soul in the business as we did in our previous businesses.

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